Manteio Red

Protected Geographical Indication Parnassus


Wine Composition
80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Mavroudi

Region / Location
Central Greece. In the wine-growing area of Parnassus varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Mavroudi are cultivated in the area of Koufeika and Anamero. The microclimate of the area is characterized by heavy rainfall and light snowfall in winter and relatively mild-cool summers. The soil is loam clay at an altitude of 380-450 meters, with moderate slopes that provide good drainage.

Vinification method & Maturation
After harvesting the grapes in crates of 15 kg takes place careful selection of the healthy grapes. From there they are destemmed (no crushing) and then they are vinified separately due to the different degree of maturity that has every variety. The Cabernet is fermented at high temperatures 26-28ºC in order to achieve the best color intensity while Mavroudi at 18-22ºC in order to maintain the maximum diversity aromatic potential. Below is aged in French oak barrels.

Deep red color with complex aromas of red fruit, hints of chocolate, coffee and oak make up a dynamic wine. Ripe tannins together with its impressive density create conditions for long aging.

Food pairings
It goes well with succulent red meats, game and smoked cheese. Best served at 6-18 ºC.