The winery is located within the village of Polydroso, surrounded by a small vineyard. In 2011 it was expanded in order to accommodate the new, increased production, thus now the winery is divided into two areas.

The first area includes vinification equipment, that is stainless steel refrigerated tanks for the vinification of red and white wines, as well as the press and other equipment which is necessary for the process. In the second area there is the bottling line and it is in this very place that one encounters the oak barrels for the wine ageing.

Due to the fact that the winery is not open to visitors/ wine-lovers, a pioneering  unit with the view to promoting wine tourism was created in Polydroso in 2009, which is operated by the members of the Argyriou family. This enables holidaymakers both to try the variety of wines of the estate in the specially designed place (cellar) and to reside in Polydroso, enjoying at the same time the local cuisine, as well as the various activities that the area has to offer.