The total area of the ​​vineyards now comprises 290 acres, an area enough to meet the annual demand for wine exclusively from our vineyards. Due to the ideal pedoclimatic conditions prevailing in the region, the cultivation of both indigenous and international grape varieties is permitted, thus providing excellent results.

The climate in the Mediterranean region, with mild winters and temperatures that do not drop below -5 degrees Centigrade, prevents damaging to the vines. Summers are also sufficiently cool, a gentle contribution by the mountains of Parnassus, Kallidromo and Oeta, allowing northerly winds to penetrate the plateau where the vineyard is situated, thus maintaining low temperatures and sufficiently oxygenating the vineyard during the summer. Furthermore, the climate appears dry, which is quite an important parameter in order for diseases related to the vine to be prevented.

In the estates the Greek varieties that are cultivated are “Mavroudi” of Arachova, a variety which was revived by Nikos Argiriou himself after long years of experimentation and which now forms the basis for most of the wines of the estate, the local variety “Asprouda”, the classic variety of Santorini, “Asyrtiko”, and aromatic “Malagouzia”, varieties which already hold honors and a global perspective. Of the international varieties, the classic white varieties Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are cultivated and of the red ones the world famous Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

It is worth noting that the vineyard belongs to an integrated management programme, which means that the production must be carried out in such a way that respects both the consumer and the environment. Finally, the amount of tasks in the vineyard, such as pruning, pinching, flipping, and harvesting is done by hand, emphasizing the human factor, which is so important in the creation of the final product.