The Wine Tasting Guesthouse of the Argyriou family is located at Polydroso οf  Parnassus, whose rooms were made ​​in a way that showed their respect to the residential aesthetics of this beautiful village. The specifications of the guesthouse offer unique and exceptional accommodation to the visitors, as well as the opportunity for the guests to get acquainted with the world of wine, by tasting the wines of the estate.


As for accommodation, six beautifully decorated rooms are offered, which provide guests with a unique sense of hospitality. Three of these rooms are located on the ground floor of the renovated building, where there are also the Reception and Breakfast Room, and they are double rooms with a prospect of accommodating a third person as well.

On the first floor of the building there are the other three double rooms with a fireplace, providing the guest with unique moments of relaxation while enjoying the great views of Mount Parnassus, Oeta and Kallidromo.

TV – Telephone - Mini bar - AC – Fireplace - Wi-Fi – Breakfast – Bar - Wine tasting – Parking.